Welcome to the Nonduality Institute

We are a non-profit center dedicated to the scientific study of nondual awareness.
Our research interests are the nature of this foundational aspect of human consciousness, and how it affects the perceptual, affective and cognitive processes.
Research into the neural correlates of nondual awareness will contribute to the understanding of the nature of human consciousness, and the brain’s functioning in optimal states of well-being.

Unitary nondual states of consciousness occurring either spontaneously or as a result of contemplative practice have been reported in all of the world’s cultures. Recent scientific studies have confirmed that experiencing them can have long term beneficial effects on one’s wellbeing. Such unitary experiences are possible because of the background presence of nondual awareness – an open, awake cognizance that precedes conceptualization and contextualizes and unifies both extrinsic task-positive and intrinsic self-referential mental processes, without fragmenting the field of experience into opposing dualities.

Scientific studies of nondual awareness contribute to understanding this foundational aspect of human consciousness, and the neural mechanisms by which it enhances wellbeing.