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Nonduality Institute: For the science and practice of nonduality. Offering workshops, classes and private consultations.

What Is Nonduality?

Tara PaintingAt the Nonduality Institute, nonduality is understood as the realization of a very subtle, non-conceptual, unbounded consciousness that is experienced as the essence of one’s own being and of all life. This is a mutual transparency of self and other, in which everything, including one’s own being, is revealed as made of a single, vast expanse of consciousness. It can be experienced together with phenomena, as pervading the movement of perceptions, thoughts, emotions and sensations. This nondual consciousness is not known as an object separate from oneself, rather, it knows itself directly. The objectives of research at Nonduality Institute are the neural signatures underlying this consciousness.

This level of consciousness has been regarded as the source of positive qualities of being, in the sense that such qualities as compassion, insight, joy and equanimity manifest spontaneously when one realizes it. These qualities are experienced as non-referential, in other words, not a specific compassion for someone, but an open-ended state of compassion that pervades one’s entire field of experience.


Tara Painting


Painting by Mary DeVincentis

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