Nonduality Institute

Nonduality Institute: For the science and practice of nonduality. Offering workshops, classes and private consultations.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Nonduality Institute is to advance scientific understanding of nonduality through conducting research into neural signatures of nondual awareness and its effects on cognitive, affective and perceptual processes.

Nonduality is the basis of both our authentic maturity as individuals and our oneness with all life. The process of realizing nonduality opens the body, heart and mind to the subtle, unified expanse of nondual awareness, transcending the duality of self and other. Scientific research into the neural correlates of nondual awareness can further our understanding of the nature of consciousness, and of the brain’s functioning in optimal states of wellbeing. It can demystify this advanced stage of human development and help make the awakening to nonduality more accessible to a growing number of people throughout the world.


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