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Realization Process Workshop

With Judith Blackstone

July 8-9, 2017, 10:00-4:15

Los Altos Hill, California

The Realization Process is an embodied approach to psychological healing and nondual realization. In the Realization Process, we uncover the radical openness of nonduality through deep inward contact with the internal space of the body. In this way, we experience a sense of authentic individuality at the same time as we transcend our individuality. We realize ourselves as fundamental consciousness, pervading our body and environment as a unity. This workshop is an opportunity for deep, concentrated practice of the Realization Process practices, including the meditation, relational and psychological aspects of the work.

Cost - $300


For more information on Judith's workshops and teacher certification trainings, please visit

To register: email Judith -


Embodied Nonduality, Mutuality and Brain Dynamics

With Zoran Josipovic

July 15, 2017, 10:00-4:15

In Los Altos Hills, California

This one day workshop will explore, through the Realization Process dyad meditations, power point presentations and q&a periods, the nature of embodied nonduality. When we realize nonduality in a mutually embodied way, our access to the dimensions and qualities of the ground of being is enhanced, and we can more accurately attune to the specifics of the events and meanings of our life. We will explore what can be discerned in this space of embodied nonduality, and how brain dynamics can help us in understanding and deepening our realization. 

Cost - $150

To register, email Zoran:


Web Course with Zoran starting September 28

Meditation in Light of Neuroscience

8-week web-based course

This course will explore recent developments in the neuroscience research of meditation. The aim is to understand the variety of results in light of the contexts that inform this research: traditional philosophies and styles of meditation, research methods, and the contemporary psychological and neurobiological theories. These will provide grounding for discussing and evaluating current attempts at a comprehensive theory on the underlying mechanisms of meditation, and for understanding the relevance to one’s practice.

The course will be conducted via Zoom in eight weekly lectures, on Wednesday evenings 9:00 - 10:15pm EDT, starting Sept 28.

All materials (PowerPoint slides, video recordings and reading materials) will be made available via Dropbox, asynchronously.  Weekly Q&As will occur via email.  

Course start date:  September 28

Please register by: September 15

Cost:  $500

To register, send email to:


Stillness Moving: the Realization Process Embodiment and Movement Workshop

With Judith Blackstone

May 26-30, 2017

In Woodstock, New York

Cost - $730

This workshop is full. Please contact Judith to be put on a waiting list.


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